The Macon Team has unparalleled passion for our clients and community

We aim to build the brokerage of every homeowner’s dreams, so everything we do is a direct reflection of what you need and desire for your home.

Charlene Gayle

CEO , The Macon Realty Inc

The philosophy behind poet Maya Angelou’s declaration, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” , describes the way of life and work ethics of Charlene Gayle.

Since receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Maryland, Charlene has worked in her family’s real estate property management firm established by her parents over 50 years ago.

While working in the family business, Charlene learned the Real Estate Business from her dad, Real Estate Mogul Leonard Gayle, who shared with Charlene his keen knowledge of acquisition and property management of rent stabilized and commercial units.

With over 15 years of working in the real estate industry, Charlene successfully launched The Macon Realty, a full service Real Estate Firm with over 20 Agents and two offices in Bedford Stuyvesant & Crown Heights. The company’s initial success was due to Charlene’s unique combination of exhaustive Real Estate knowledge, innovating marketing strategies and her outgoing personality. Thereafter, the company’s continuing success is due to Charlene’s ability to build a broad base contact with not only local and international business leaders but also Community Leaders.

Charlene is a firm believer of enhancing the communities that surround her two office locations. She is often invited by Bridge Street Development, NHS, and  other housing community groups to speak on their real estate panel. Charlene also work closely with Clergy Leaders and host free Real Estate & Legal information forums for their church members.

Mouss Lamour

Chief Operating Officer

Chief of Operations and planning for 2000 units of Nehemiah Homeowners Association. Oversee all aspects of billing and collections of Nehemiah Homeowners Association dues. Oversee Construction and repair contracts for NYCHA properties and Coordinate joint venture projects with large management and construction firms.

Silvert Blanchard

Agent , The Macon Realty Inc

A huge people person, Silvert   has spent several  successful years in the Real Estate Profession. Clients who partner with Silvert soon recognize that his intuition, integrity, personalized approach, and skilled communication ability set him apart from other Sales Agents.  

Silvert’s unique combination of keen Real Estate knowledge and outgoing personality allows him to help his Clients find their Real Estate goals. Originally from Haiti, Silvert relocated to New York City at a young age to pursue a career in finance , then the Board of Education .

Silvert  demonstrates unwavering commitment to his clients and is driven by his unparalleled goal for client satisfaction. Overall, Silvert strives to build trusted bonds through each and every Real Estate transaction.

Derrick Afflick

Agent , The Macon Realty IncAgent , The Macon Realty Inc

With a passion for Real Estate, Derrick tries his best to make New York City home to his clients. Even current homeowners can take advantage of his property management services to find new revenue opportunities through their property holdings. Derrick offers a slew of services tailored to any client’s goals and immediate needs.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica Derrick moved to Brooklyn as a young child. A graduate from Virginia State University he obtained a degree in Architecture & Industrial Technology in foresight of pursuing development and real estate.

Derrick understands that purchasing, selling and renting are usually the biggest financial steps for his client and knowing so he focuses on making these big leaps as smooth as possible

Natalie Cosby - Macon Realty

Natalie Cosby

Agent , The Macon Realty IncAgent , The Macon Realty Inc

Natalie is a real estate expert with ten years of experience in NYC real estate. She brings the perfect fusion of industry knowledge, honesty, and finesse to her interactions with the 500-plus clients she has served.

Her roots are based in Real Estate, as her father was one of the first black brokers in Kentucky, her native state.  Her approach to clients is focused and zen. Natalie believes that preparing her clients to purchase a home or move into an apartment requires good relationships and communication for all parties involved. Natalie thrives in matching clients’ lifestyle preferences to space and amenities for residence or investment.  Her experience ranges from selling multi-million dollar homes for clients to finding the right place to call home for those new to NYC.

The most important quality that Natalie brings to her work is trustworthiness. Her clients feel comfortable relying upon her for guidance because of her high caliber skills, knowledge, and superior service. Natalie considers herself a guide who takes her buyers and sellers through the maze of the real estate process. She gets great satisfaction from helping them make smart decisions.

Natalie has been part of the Brooklyn community for over 20 years. She is a wellness champion who owns Stacked Yoga located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. She believes in building community health and wealth by developing relationships with locals who bring promise and prosperity to all Brooklyn residents and beyond.

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