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We aim to build the brokerage of every homeowner’s dreams, so everything we do is a direct reflection of what you need and desire for your home.

Charlene Gayle

CEO , The Macon Realty Inc

The philosophy behind poet Maya Angelou’s declaration, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” , describes the way of life and work ethics of Charlene Gayle.

Since receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Maryland, Charlene has worked in her family’s real estate property management firm established by her parents over 50 years ago.

While working in the family business, Charlene learned the Real Estate Business from her dad, Real Estate Mogul Leonard Gayle, who shared with Charlene his keen knowledge of acquisition and property management of rent stabilized and commercial units.

With over 15 years of working in the real estate industry, Charlene successfully launched The Macon Realty, a full service Real Estate Firm with over 20 Agents and two offices in Bedford Stuyvesant & Crown Heights. The company’s initial success was due to Charlene’s unique combination of exhaustive Real Estate knowledge, innovating marketing strategies and her outgoing personality. Thereafter, the company’s continuing success is due to Charlene’s ability to build a broad base contact with not only local and international business leaders but also Community Leaders.

Charlene is a firm believer of enhancing the communities that surround her two office locations. She is often invited by Bridge Street Development, NHS, and  other housing community groups to speak on their real estate panel. Charlene also work closely with Clergy Leaders and host free Real Estate & Legal information forums for their church members.

Mouss Lamour

Chief Operating Officer

Chief of Operations and planning for 2000 units of Nehemiah Homeowners Association. Oversee all aspects of billing and collections of Nehemiah Homeowners Association dues. Oversee Construction and repair contracts for NYCHA properties and Coordinate joint venture projects with large management and construction firms.

Donn Wilson

Agent , The Macon Realty IncAgent , The Macon Realty Inc

Transformational instead of transactional. An advisor, instead of an agent. The relationship matters. Although a newcomer to residential Real Estate as a career, Donn appreciates and understands that selling and/or buying a home is complex and deeply personal, having gone through the process as a buyer. And, after spending years of working with and in Property and Facilities Management, he understands the further complexities and nuances that come with every property and purchase.

There is a lot at stake financially and personally. This sweeping perspective on the process, and the responsibility felt towards his clients, drives him to truly be a trusted advisor in the home ownership process – from first timers to serial flippers. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Donn has a strong familiarity with the community in which he serves. He is ready to be your advisor through the entire process and beyond providing excellent customer service and a commitment to listen, work hard, and follow through for you. He provides high quality service build relationships with clients and more importantly, maintain those relationships through effective communication.

Griffin Steven

Steven L. Griffen

Agent , The Macon Realty IncAgent , The Macon Realty Inc

Hailing from Brooklyn, Steven L. Griffin descends from a long legacy of three generations of landlords and brokers. His grandfather, who serves as Steven’s archetype, piqued Steven’s interest in property investment & management at a tender age.

Beyond facilitating his family’s business portfolio, Steven furthered his real estate pursuits in Virginia while studying at Hampton University. From there he honed his skills as a real-estate enthusiast by continuing to develop, design, manage and landscape both new construction projects as well as rental properties in The Hampton Roads/Tidewater region.

One of Steven’s favorite quotes: “The man that plants the trees often will not get to sit and enjoy the shade,” this saying serves as a constant reminder, aiding Steven in navigating the demanding terrain of New York City’s competitive real estate market with diligence and resilience.

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