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We aim to build the brokerage of every homeowner’s dreams, so everything we do is a direct reflection of what you need and desire for your home.

As the Manager at the Bridge Street Development Corporation I would consider Ms. Gayle a committed worker and a valuable business partner. We value her for two reasons. One, she is familiar with our community two, it is hard to find someone with her stature that is willing to dedicate their time and patience to help work with nonprofit organizations like Bridge Street Development Corp. She would be an asset to any organization.
by Lorenzo Villanueva
Manager-Home Ownership Services
Bridge Street Development Corporation
I don’t think I can say enough positive things about Charlene. Charlene Gayle is an amazing individual from her extravagant and outgoing personality too her willingness and ability to always get the job done in a timely and professional manor. I highly recommend The Macon Property Management Group, a committed and driven establishment.
by Matilda Dyer
President of Brownsville Nehemiah Home Owners Association
She embraced our organization with a professional marketing process that aimed towards our attendees who were first time homebuyers. Charlene’s presentation was very informative and engaging. We always appreciate her community outreach.
by Tonya Ores
Executive Director
NHS Brooklyn
I love the service I am receiving from the Macon Property Management Group I recommend anyone utilize their services, for any real estate and property management needs. Charlene is reliable, dependable and her agents help me fill vacant units in my apartments quickly.
by Albert Hewitt
Property Owner
I am very pleased with the performance of Macon Property Management Group for their management service with the East New York Nehemiah Home Owners Association which consist of over 1,500 homes. I found them to be knowledgeable, professional and proficient.
by Eleanor Pinkney
President of East New York Nehemiah Home Owners Association
The great leadership guru John Maxwell suggest that “Leadership is Influence”. Macon Realty is a comprehensive organization that is holistic in its approach to its customers and community. Our church is one of the many organizations that benefited from the variety of services provided by the incredible agency. Their commitment, loyalty and professionalism to their clients cannot be compared to their competitors. I highly recommend Macon Reality without reservations.
by Dr. Clive E. Neil-Senior Pastor
Bedford Central Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn, NY.

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